Benefits of a Glass Kitchen Splashback

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Benefits of a Glass Kitchen Splashback

Different splashback materials abound, making it confusing to settle on just one option. If you're struggling to reach a decision, why not settle on glass? It provides a raft of aesthetic and practical benefits, several of which are explained below.

Colour Variety

The smooth, unbroken surface of a glass splashback highlights whatever colour you choose for the area. You might select a neutral shade such as beige, antique white, or grey. Alternatively, opt for vivid teal or cobalt blue. Soft pastel hues, such as sky blue and rose pink, also look beautiful spread across a splashback.

You'll have endless colour options for a glass splashback to create different effects. Consider the countertop colours and patterns when picking the shade. You might pair a neutral splashback with a vibrant benchtop. Otherwise, go the reverse route with a neutral countertop such as white laminate and a fire-engine red splashback. You can create an all-white kitchen, and you can choose a subtle or a loud backsplash. You have the design freedom to complete the look you want.

If you want the purest rendition of your chosen hue, choose low-iron rather than standard transparent glass. As ordinary glass emits a faint green tinge, it can slightly affect the colour of the glass, especially if it's pale.


If you love the sleek, seamless look, a glass splashback is ideal. These splashbacks consist of several large panels that join seamlessly. So the wall won't be covered with grout lines running in all directions. Of course, this clean look also shows the colour in its best light.

If you have a small kitchen, a glass splashback can help to make it seem larger and more spacious by minimising visual clutter. Additionally, the shiny surface reflects light around the kitchen, making it brighter. And a brighter space tends to feel roomier.

Hygienic and Easy to Clean

While the splashback enhances the kitchen aesthetically, it's also crucial practically. It protects the wall around the benchtop from food splatters and splats. Because the surface catches a lot of grime, it must be easy to clean. This is why you should consider glass splashbacks. Without grout lines, you can easily wipe over the smooth, hygienic surface. The glass doesn't degrade even with constant cleaning. Nor will the colour wear down, as it's painted on the glass back.

Thus, glass splashbacks provide a range of benefits. You have multiple colours to pick from to create a subtle or bold statement. The panels create a seamless, uncluttered look. Plus, they're easy to clean.

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