Reasons to Undergo Window Glass Replacement

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Reasons to Undergo Window Glass Replacement

One aspect of your home that affects its security and energy efficiency is the glass window panes. If you're wondering whether it's time to replace the panes, consider the following reasons for doing so.


If you notice even a tiny crack in the glass, don't leave it to fend for itself. Over time, the damage could spread, and the entire pane may shatter, creating a security hazard. Cracked glass also makes it easier for someone to break in. Plus, it will affect the insulating capacities of the window.

Foggy Double-Glazed Units

Double-glazed units consist of two pieces of glass separated by air or gas, hindering heat transfer through the window. These units help your home to remain cooler in summer and warmer in winter. If you noticed fogginess on the glass, the unit isn't sealed correctly, and you may need to replace the glass.

High Energy Bills

If you're paying excessively high energy bills, you may consider replacing inefficient single glass panes with more efficient windows. As well as installing double glazed units, you could fit Low-E glass. This glazing will reflect solar radiation away from your home in summer. Plus, in the winter, it can bounce indoor warmth back inside. You'll enjoy lower energy bills that will offset the cost of undergoing the glass replacement upgrade.

Inconsistent Indoor Temperatures

Despite cranking up your heating or cooling, you may notice cold or hot patches around the windows, depending on the season. Air conditioners and heaters can't create more consistent indoor temperatures, though they can make the rooms cooler or hotter. After all, if you turn the heater up to counteract cold spots near the windows, other areas of the room will likely be too hot. Similarly, in the summer, if you crank up the air conditioning to eradicate hot patches around the window, other room regions may be overly cold. The only way to improve indoor temperature consistency in these situations is to insulate the windows and take advantage of modern energy-efficient glass.

Faded Furniture

If you notice your furnishings and carpet have faded in areas, the culprit could be UV light rays entering via the window. You may think there's nothing you can do except to close curtains or blinds. However, that will plunge the room into darkness. A better approach is to install glass that reflects UV light so you can enjoy a bright sunny room without damaging the furniture.

For more information about glass replacement, contact a local company.

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