Is There a Difference Between Commercial and Residential Glass Windows?

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Is There a Difference Between Commercial and Residential Glass Windows?

If you have a window installation or repair project for a residential or commercial setting, you may be wondering whether there is a difference between commercial and residential glass windows. The answer lies within the different types of glass and glass properties; some of which are more suitable for commercial or residential requirements.

This means that glass is not made specifically for either commercial or residential use, but it is made with properties that might better suit commercial or residential needs.

When choosing glass for your windows, you might mostly consider the size of your windows, design of the windows, type of glass (stained or not stained, one-way or two-way glass, opaque, translucent or transparent glass, etc.) and the thickness and insulation properties of the glass.  

Residential Glass Windows

When choosing residential glass windows, you need to consider the factors above and how they affect aesthetics, your preferences and some functional needs like letting in natural light, privacy and insulation. The functional needs of residential glass windows are mainly more focused on achieving maximum comfort in your home and saving on energy and energy bills.

The weather conditions surrounding your home might also need to be considered to determine whether you need thicker or thinner glass. For example, if there are frequent storms, you might need thicker glass windows (they retain heat and can withstand strong wind and debris).

Commercial Glass Windows

When choosing commercial glass windows, you might need to consider most of the factors mentioned above and much more. For example, you may need to consider how the business activities of the commercial space might affect different types of glass and how the glass you choose may affect the business activities of the commercial space.

What does this mean? Some business activities can damage particular glass types. For example, thinner glass can be damaged by loud sounds or strong vibrations. That is why you might find that most commercial glass windows are made from thicker glass.

How can the type of glass you choose affect business activities? At times, the sun can be bothersome, especially if you are in the office trying to work, but the harmful UV rays keep distracting you. This means that your productivity will be lowered; choose tinted or specially glazed glass for your office windows.

Additionally, if your business activities cannot damage glass, invest in thinner glass to reduce office heat levels, save on energy bills (you won't find the need to turn your A/C on frequently) and maximize productivity.

To learn more about residential and commercial glass windows, reach out to a local window company.

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