4 ways to make your glass shower screen child-proof

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4 ways to make your glass shower screen child-proof

Shower screens are important components of any bathroom space. In particular, frameless shower screens provide privacy while showering, prevent splashing water, and add an elegant touch to your home.

However, glass can also be a hazard to young children. Kids may unwittingly play around the shower area and damage the screen in the process. Even worse, the glass might shatter and cause serious injury to young kids. Here are several ways you can protect both your children and your precious shower screen from damage.

1. Make it lockable

A free-swinging glass screen can be a recipe for disaster. Not only does it provide an opportunity for kids to play, but it can also crash against other items and become damaged.

Make sure your glass screen has a lock installed. The lock should tightly anchor your screen to the rest of the frame without leaving much wiggle room. In this way, kids will be less likely to hang or swing on the door whenever they enter the bathroom.

2. Use reinforced glass to prevent shattering

When installing a glass screen, durability should be your top concern. Consider screens that use reinforced glass to prevent shattering. Such screens can hold pieces of broken glass inside the door surface, thus preventing loose pieces from flying all over the bathroom space. The reinforced glass is also much tougher to crack and shatter over time.

3. Add a sturdy frame

You may be tempted by the beautifully elegant features of frameless shower screens. Indeed, the frameless design is what's hot and trending, and it can breathe life into your bathroom space.

However, for the sake of your kids, consider leaving the frames on your glass shower screens. Frames protect the underlying glass surface from heavy contact and damage. They also reduce the risk of breakage due to slamming doors or dropped objects. You may need to spend more time cleaning the frames, but remember that safety comes first.

4. Install grab bars in the shower

Children are also at risk of slipping and falling while taking a shower. They may even fall against the shower screen and cause it to shatter due to heavy impact. To prevent this potential disaster, install grab bars inside the shower space. Grab/handlebars give kids something to hold on to in case they slip. In addition to handlebars, place slip-proof mats near the shower area. Such mats reduce the risk of slips and falls on wet floors.

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