4 Great Ways to Use Glazing Within Your Home

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4 Great Ways to Use Glazing Within Your Home

Nearly every home has glass in it already, so you may not consider the merits of using glazing as a part of your interior design very often. However, nearly all homes have their glass performing just one function – that of allowing light to come in from windows. Of course, glass remains the most popular choice for fenestration units the world over but that is by no means its only function within a home. If you want to get more from glass and glazing products in your home's interior design, then read on to find out some the best ways you can put it to use.

1. Invisible Shower Screens

If you want your bathroom or en-suite to appear bigger than it actually is, then the best thing you can do is to stop cluttering it up. If you have something in your bathroom which cannot reasonably be taken out, then the next best thing is to make it disappear, if possible. This is what frameless glass shower screens do for bathrooms. You can see right through them without noticing them and yet they still provide a practical way of preventing splashing. Frameless shower screens have no edge to them and will even sparkle when the light hits them, frequently affording an airier feel to your bathroom.

2. Floor-to-Ceiling Mirrors

Any mirror that extends above and below the eye line will make a room seem larger than it is. They are especially useful if you hang this form of glazing in a long corridor because they will instantly make a passage seem wider. The illusion of greater space is also useful in dining rooms which have tables and chairs in them that take up much of the floor space.

3. Privacy Glass

Ideal for partitions in open-plan living spaces, privacy glass can become opaque at the flick of a switch. Ionised elements within the glazing line up magnetically when a small current is supplied which turns a clear internal partition into one which you can no longer see through. This is a clever way of turning an open plan area into a multi-function living space.

4. Glazed Worktops

Kitchen worktops don't have to made from laminate, granite, ceramic or wood. You can also use easy-to-wipe-down glass as a perfectly practical and stylish alternative. Coloured glazing is particularly effective with kitchen work surfaces. Including spaces for things like sinks and drainage boards is also perfectly possible using this material.

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