Mirrors at Home: What You Must Know to Remove Streaks

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Mirrors at Home: What You Must Know to Remove Streaks

Essentially, streaks refer to long, thin marks resulting from a different colour or substance other than the material used in the general surrounding. These marks are notorious on the mirrors in your home, and it is important to get rid of them early if you want to keep the mirror in good condition. Streaked mirrors are a nuisance. You will not enjoy the view every time you need to use them. Here are some things you need to know about these streaks and how you can handle them: 

Reasons for Streaking 

First, it is important to understand the reasons mirrors streak so that you can prevent their occurrence in the first place. Most streaks on mirrors result from using a cloth or cleaning agent that leaves residues on the surface of the mirror. To avoid this, you should use clean materials that do not have any lint in them. Absorbent materials and those that have naturally been dried by the sun are the best at cleaning mirror surfaces. Clothes dried using anti-static products in dryers are poor at getting the job done. They will leave you with streaks in no time. 

The Right Material and Products

The right materials and products are the number one secret for dealing with streaked mirrors. Paper towels, micro-fibre cloth and crumpled newspapers make up the top three list of the materials you can use to wipe the surface of your mirrors. All these materials should be absolutely clean so that they do not leave any oil residues on the mirror. To add on that, you should also select the right cleaning agent or solution for the best results. Avoid cleaning solutions that contain ammonia, strong acids and bases. These elements are too harsh for your mirror. They will encourage streaking. 

The Mirror Needs Proper Cleaning 

Proper cleaning is elemental for removing streaks. Preferably, you should spray or pour the cleaning solution onto the cloth then use it to wipe the mirror. The point is to avoid building up excess cleaning solution onto the mirror, which can also cause streaks. It also keeps you from splashing the cleaning agent onto the walls or surrounding frame. Make sure that you wipe off any spots and reside and remove all the moisture from the mirror.  Note that some streaks are a result of the mirror's old age. If they persist, then you will have to replace the mirror altogether.     

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