3 Incredible Reasons to Consider Installing Insulation Glazing Film on Your Windows

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3 Incredible Reasons to Consider Installing Insulation Glazing Film on Your Windows

If left uncontrolled, heat transfer through the walls, floors and ceiling as well as glass windows and doors can make your house uncomfortable to stay in, especially during summer when indoor temperatures tend to become extremely hot. Installing the right insulation in your house can help reduce unwanted heat gains and heat losses, in turn, reducing your yearly energy costs. 

If you are concerned that your home is losing precious heat in winter and gaining unwanted solar heat in summer through your glass windows, you should consider installing window insulation film. Window insulation film is essentially a window film made of plastic and it is applied to the glass on windows to help minimise heat transfer that may occur in the home either through conduction or solar heat radiation. So, what makes window insulation film installation a great investment in your home?

  1. Increased comfort: One of the most noticeable advantages of installing window insulation film is that your home will feel more comfortable to stay in. Winter heat loss that occurs through conduction of heat from the interiors of your house to the exterior environment, as well as unwanted summer heat gain that occurs through solar heat radiation will significantly decline. This way, you will be able to keep your home warm and comfortable in both cold and hot weather.
  2. Energy savings: Saving energy and improving your home's energy efficiency is obviously one of your top priorities. As window insulation film will reduce winter heat loss and summer heat gain in your home, you may not need to run your air conditioning unit and heat pump too frequently. This will, in turn, result in reduced annual energy expenses. You can use the extra money to insulate other parts of your house.
  3. Cost-effectiveness: Compared to many other types of insulation installation projects such as interior wall insulation, window insulation film installation is generally cheaper. As the film used to insulate your windows are basically plastic products, they are quite cheap to buy. What is more, installing window insulation film is a job you can do yourself — you can purchase a window installation kit to guide you on how to install the plastic film on your windows. Hence, window insulation film installation is a great option for those on a tight budget.

Clearly, window insulation film installation is a small investment that can have a major impact on the comfort and energy-efficiency of your glass windows and entire home. To get the most out of your investment, talk to an expert in windows today. 

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