Where to Add Glass Around Your Home for More Light and Style

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Where to Add Glass Around Your Home for More Light and Style

Glass is a great material to use around the home, as it reflects light or allows it through its surface, so that a home's interior looks bright and welcoming, and even more clean and hygienic. Your home may already have glass fireplace doors and other glass features, but note a few suggestions as to where else you might add glass pieces in the home, so you can discuss this option with a designer and ensure your home looks its best.

As wall art

Etched glass that is tinted or painted a certain colour can be used on its own as wall art; these pieces can be cut in tall and narrow rectangles, and dyed a blue or sea foam colour, so they look just like running water. Stained glass can also be cut into any shape and design, and can be mounted in a frame, so that it also works as art, reflecting light and keeping an otherwise dim wall from seeming too dark.


A glass floor isn't as odd as it sounds; you can have a piece of thick safety glass added in place of a section of flooring in the home's second story, and this can create an open and unique look. A glass floor is a good choice in a long and dark hallway, and especially if there is a skylight above the glass floor, as this allows in maximum sunlight.


Replacing interior wood doors with glass doors can open up a space and make it seem bright and airy. Choose coloured glass for bedroom doors, so they offer privacy but still allow light to pass through. The coloured glass can also add lots of visual interest along a wall and make the space very unique.


A kitchen can be a great place to add glass surfaces, as glass is naturally nonporous, so it won't hold germs and bacteria. Glass can also brighten up a small and dark kitchen. Add glass over your current benchtop to make it brighter and better for food prep, and use glass as a splashback. This can also go over your current splashback materials if you like the tiles you have installed, or you can use coloured glass alone, for more style in the space. Glass doors on the pantry or even for the refrigerator can make the kitchen seem commercial and industrial, and give it an updated and modern style you might appreciate.

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