The Advantages of Frameless Glass for Your Home's Shower

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The Advantages of Frameless Glass for Your Home's Shower

Frameless glass shower doors are a good choice for any home, as they're very stylish and will open up the bathroom space, keeping the room bright and airy. There are many advantages to opting for frameless glass doors in the bathroom, beyond their overall appearance; note a few of those advantages here, so you can make the best decision for any changes you're thinking of making to your home's bathroom space and features.


A frameless glass shower screen or door will mean less corrosion against the tiles or the wall surface of the shower; a framed screen will have a long track that is screwed into the shower tile itself, which can then mean rust and other corrosion that comes into contact with the tile. This track also causes permanent damage to the tiles because of the screws or bolts that are used; if you wanted to remove that framed screen, you would also need to replace the tiles. A shower curtain rod can also cause damage to the walls or tiles in the bathroom; metal rods can also leave rust stains on those surfaces, and even lightweight rods can cause dents and dings along the walls and tiles.

Flexibility in style

If you have a framed shower screen, you need to be mindful of your plumbing fixtures and other such pieces in the bathroom, as a standard stainless steel showerhead might clash with an oil-rubbed bronze frame, and vice versa. The same is true of any curtain rod and rings you buy; these pieces can easily clash with plumbing fixtures, towel bars, and other fixtures in the bathroom. However, a frameless shower screen works with any style of plumbing fixture and other accessories, and with any style of bathroom linens, area rug, and so on.

Ease of cleaning

Metal frames for shower screens can hold water that leads to mould and mildew, and also show fingerprints, hard water stains, soap scum, and even droplets of shampoo. Along with cleaning the glass of those screens, the metal may then also need consistent buffing and polishing to look its best.

Shower curtains and liners are also difficult to clean, as the curtains may show fingerprints and the liner may hold mildew, especially along the bottom edge that sits next to the tub. A frameless screen will usually only need a quick wipe with a squeegee after every shower, making it the easiest option to keep clean in the bathroom.

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