What to Do When a Bird Flies Into Your Window

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What to Do When a Bird Flies Into Your Window

Have you ever experienced the sickening thud of a bird hitting a glass window? It can be quite distressing when a beautiful winged creature flies into your window with an almighty bang. While you may not think much of it at first, birds can damage your glass more than you realise. This article will address what you need to be on the lookout for if a bird flies into your window, including when you'll need to repair or replace your window.

Why birds hit glass windows

For birds, glass windows look like an inviting place to fly into because they often reflect the sky and look like open space. Birds think they are following a clear flight path and aren't necessarily able to distinguish between glass and a open air.

How to assess the damage

Once a bird flies into your window, it's important to check and see if the bird is okay. If the bird has noticeable injuries, contact a local wildlife rehabilitator as soon possible to provide the required attention.

Once the bird is in safe hands, you can now go ahead and assess the damage to your glass window.

Smears – This is the direct point of collision. A smear will help you pinpoint any damage near the site of the collision.

Cracks – Cracks occur when large birds hit your window with high impact. You will notice small cracks that resemble a spider web at the point of impact. This type of damage will require a full window replacement rather than a small glass window repairs. These cracks can often spread if you don't get them taken care of quickly.

Holes – If a bird is flying at high speed, it's possible to create a hole in your window at the point of impact. If you have a hole in your window, it's important to schedule glass window repairs to protect your home from the elements or further intrusions.

How to prevent collision in the future

There are a few things you can do to make sure that your glass windows and birds live happily side by side. You can:

  • Avoid placing bird feeders in front of your glass windows.

  • Move plants away from the windows to keep the inside of your home from looking like a continuation of your yard.

  • Install shutters or anti-glare screens over your windows.

  • Close your window coverings when the sun is at its peak.

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