5 Reasons You Should Choose a Folding Shower Screen

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5 Reasons You Should Choose a Folding Shower Screen

It used to be that you needed to choose only between shower screen and shower curtain, but now there is a whole host of different shower screens from which to choose. Having to select the right one might seem frustrating, but it simply means you can find the perfect type to meet your needs.

If you're buying a shower screen for use with a tub and shower combination instead of with a separate shower cubicle, here are just five reasons to consider a folding screen.

1. Maximise Space

Folding shower screens are sometimes called 'foldaway screens' since all panels can be collapsed together when the shower isn't being used. This makes folding screens ideal for use in smaller bathrooms. A collapsed screen won't break up the space visually, and it should make manoeuvring around the bathroom a little easier.

2. Unrestricted Bathing

One of the most serious issues with fixed shower screens is that they restrict access to the bath itself. This isn't always a problem– most people can simply jump in at one end without a care. However, it's a lot easier to run the taps and put your feet up on the side of the bath without a fixed shower screen in the way. It's also a lot easier if you have kids – bathing them can be tough with that screen in the way.

3. Easy to Use

Even if you have slightly older kids, a folding shower screen can be great since they are so easy to use. Even the smallest amount of pressure pulls them in and out, and the fact that they are reversible means they can be used left or right handed, which is ideal in a busier home.

4. Neat Appearance

Maybe you don't have any children and have an absolutely palatial bathroom – a folding shower screen can still be advantageous since they create a very neat appearance. Unless you've just cleaned your screen, it's going to show small marks where drops of water have dried, and these are very conspicuous on a large fixed glass screen. When smaller panes are folded together, your bathroom will look a lot neater.

5. Great Styling Opportunities

A shower screen is a relatively simple addition to your bathroom, but choosing the right one can still accent your chosen style. Because there's so much framing around a folding shower screen, you can add style by choosing the right material. For a contemporary look, choose glistening chrome or stainless steel; for a period feel, try a burnished copper appearance.

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